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Braces Emergencies
in Pensacola, Milton, Pace, Cantonment, Gulf Breeze, & Navarre

If while you're wearing your braces you have an emergency come up, it's important to react quickly and properly. To help determine what you should do in different situations, read this short guide or call 850-478-8844 to contact our office.

What if the Braces Bracket Ligature Band Comes Off

This is the tiny rubber band that is placed over your brackets. Its purpose is to keep the wire and bracket together, acting as a tie and enabling the wire to force the teeth to move. If the ligature comes out, you can use tweezers to take it out. If it's poking you in the lip, but isn't loose, you can use an eraser to bend it back. If it continues to break, you'll need to have it adjusted at your next visit. 

What if a Braces Bracket Comes Loose?

Although brackets are glued to your teeth, they can sometimes still come loose. However, when you eat foods that you aren't supposed to, such as hard, crunchy or sticky foods, they can come loose. When this happens, you should contact our office to schedule an examination to have it fixed. 

What if the Braces Wires Come Loose?

The wires that run through the brackets of your braces can also come loose and are known to do so when you chew or bite. When the wire comes loose, it can poke you in the back of your mouth, making it rather irritating. You can alleviate discomfort by simply pushing the wire back down using an eraser or Q-tip. Relief wax can also be used to help create a buffer between the wire and your mouth. Schedule an appointment with our office as soon as possible. 
If you run into an issue with your braces and aren't sure what to do, call Shehee and Callahan at 850-478-8844 to receive instructions and to request an appointment.

Contact us online or call (850) 478-8844 for braces emergencies in Pensacola, Milton, Pace, Cantonment, Gulf Breeze, or Navarre.