At Shehee & Callahan Family Orthodontics, we know how important it is for parents to find and encourage their children to follow positive role models.

What if I told you we have one such role model with a movie script story right here in Navarre Florida?  It’s true.


Sage Offutt, CEO of Sage Paddle Co, catches a wave off of Navarre Beach, FL (photo:

Her name is Sage Offutt, she is a 16-year-old barefoot entrepreneur with a big heart.

Sage was recently awarded the “ 2016 Young Entrepreneur Award” by Florida governor, Rick Scott.


Sage Offutt, 2016 Young Entrepreneur Award Recipient, poses for a picture with Florida Governor Rick Scott and First Lady Ann Scott (photo:

Governor Rick Scott said, “Sage is a great example of a young entrepreneur who is working hard to pursue her dreams in Florida. It’s very exciting to see someone succeed so well at such a young age. I’m honored to highlight Sage Paddle Co.’s success and I’m proud to present her with the Young Entrepreneur Award.”

The Sage Paddle Company

Sage is making a real difference in the Navarre Beach Community with her unwavering focus on customer service and bringing the community together.

By land or by sea, Sage Paddle Company has what you need to get from point A to point B.  The company owns a fleet of 125 paddle boards, kayaks, scooters and bicycles.

To celebrate your new smile after braces or Invisalign® at our office, give Sage a call and ask about her convenient delivery and pick up service which they provide at no additional charge.

Find this large selection of rentals at the hut about a mile west of the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier, just a short 13-minute drive from Shehee & Callahan Family Orthodontics in Navarre [Directions].


Sage Paddle Co offers a robust selection of high end paddle boards, kayaks, scooters and bikes for rent at the Navarre Beach Florida location (photo: Christee Hershberger)

The coolest thing about Sage Paddle Company?  It was started by an 11-year-old entrepreneur who saw a need on Navarre Beach and filled it.  The water is perfect for paddle boarding and Sage Offutt began doing so shortly after moving to the area from Colorado.

Soon she noticed a lot of people wanted to rent boards but couldn’t find a place to do so.  She saw a need and she filled it, big time!  With a loan of $5,000 from her dad, she bought her first six boards and within 17 days she paid off the loan.

Never paddle boarded?  No problem, Sage has you covered there too.  She happily provides lessons.  Sage puts it best, “I love seeing people’s reaction when they have that moment of success, when they finally get to stand up on the board – that is really important for me.  I get really passionate about that,” she continues “I want to share that with other people so they know what it’s like.”

The Navarre Beach Experience

When you ask Sage about her business philosophy, she will tell you her focus is on the experience.  She wants every customer to have the best experience and will go to great lengths to ensure this happens.

Navarre Beach Florida Teen CEO of Paddleboard Kayak and Bike Rental Company Sage Offutt Smiles with French Bulldog

Sage Offutt, CEO of Sage Paddle Company, smiles with her famous french bulldog (photo:

Shortly after starting the business, a man reached out to Sage and asked if he and his son could take a kayak out that night for shark fishing.  This was not something she considered as part of the typical business she offered; however, Sage believed it was the right thing to do.  So, she brought the kayak to the beach and observed the dad and son kayak the bait out and return to the beach awaiting their big bite.

Sage left the men to take care of some other business.  About a 1.5 hours later, the father came to Sage with additional cash as a “thank you”.  She reminded him he already paid.  The man, with tears in his eyes, told her to accept his gift.  He explained he was terminally ill with cancer and this night fishing experience was his son’s request.  It was going to be one of their last memories together.


Sage Paddle Co’s Snack Shack raises money for the Navarre Beach Fire Department (photo: Christee Hershberger)

Sage’s kindness continues to this day.  She recently opened Sage’s Snack Shack where she offers refreshments and light snacks.  All proceeds go to a select charity each month.  Of course, Sage goes even further and matches the contributions dollar for dollar.

An Inspiration to Overcome

It’s amazing to think this vibrant young lady deals with chronic pain.  In her personal blog titled “Without Limitations”, Sage describes her recent Ehlers Danlos Type Three Hypermobility Syndrome diagnosis.

Over a short period of time, Sage went from a fearless star athlete to being unable to run or participate in sports.  Her doctors even warned her about writing or typing too much.  This is a life-long disease, which has no known cure.

Most people don’t know this, but walking on sand is a big part of Sage’s therapy.  She is blessed to have plenty of it at her Navarre Beach office!

Sage came to the quick realization she needed to dig deep to battle fear, limitations and pain.  Sage says, “Every day I wake up and promise myself to always live life and experience everything possible regardless of the pain and try to turn a difficulty – ultimately into a strength.” With her determination, big heart and even bigger dreams, Sage is sure to continue making our community better one experience at a time.


Watch Sage’s Latest Video Here:

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