We have many patients here at Shehee & Callahan Family Orthodontics who are looking for a unique thrill-seeking adventure to celebrate their new smile after braces or Invisalign® treatment in Navarre.

Finally, we found just the guy to deliver such an experience.  Head over to FlyTheBoat.com and visit Jeff Bell.  He’s the owner, pilot and trainer of this thrill seeker’s dream business.

Navarre Beach Bucket List Experience

Jeff became a general aviation pilot in 1989 and started flying ultralights in 1995.  He has over 4,000 flight hours.  A seasoned pro!  Still his excitement level during each flight is as if it was his first time out there.


Jeff Bell, owner of FlyTheBoat.com, stands beside his Trike after a flight over Navarre Beach (photo: Christee Hershberger)

What is an ultralight aircraft?

You’re probably asking yourself, “What is an ultralight?”.  Good question!   Jeff flies a Krucker Cygnet.  This weight shift controlled, special light sport aircraft is also known as a “Trike”.  The coolest part is this aircraft’s pontoons.  This means it can land and take off on water as well as land.

See Navarre Beach Like Never Before

Picture the view from 1,000 feet above the beautiful Gulf coast.  The absolute feeling of freedom, wind blowing in your hair and the smell of salty air combined with the scenery is something straight from a dream.  It truly is the bird’s-eye view of the Gulf of Mexico that most only see on a postcard.  FlyTheBoat.com offers discovery flights where you and Jeff fly for 30 minutes to 1 hour.  You choose between three flight options including the Pensacola Pier, National Seashore or Navarre Pier.  He even lets you take control of the plane.  Consider it your introduction to his training program.

If you have an adrenaline junky in your family, consider FlyTheBoat.com the perfect gift!  Maybe you’re looking for something different to do, something you’ve never done on vacation.  Pick your preferred Discovery Flight today!  This is an opportunity to make a lifetime memory with family and friends.

Remember your camera!  You will get some breathtaking pictures.  Views you cannot see anywhere else.  If you think ahead and your schedule allows it, book the last flight of the day.  Known across the internet as “Jeff’s sunset flight”, you will not regret it.

To learn more about Jeff’s business FlyTheBoat.com give him a call at (850) 324-4359 and schedule a time to stop by his launch pad [Directions].

After witnessing the marine life from up in the air with Jeff, you are sure to work up an appetite with a desire to see it down on your plate.  Checkout our latest list of recommended seafood restaurants in the Navarre area at Family Pelican Picks – Top 3 Navarre Seafood Restaurants.