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The start of a new year finds many people re-analyzing their lifestyle choices, and beginning new changes, such as incorporating a healthier diet into their day. For people with braces, dietary restrictions on things like raw veggies and plain popcorn may make it seem very difficult to “eat healthy.” However, there are still many healthy options you can eat! Here are a few suggestions:

Tender Meats: Choose soft-textures meats, such as meatloaf, seafood, tender turkey, chicken, and other poultry. This will help you get the necessary protein for your body, without damaging your brackets and wires. Remember to cut all meat into bite-sized pieces.

Soft Fruits: Soft fruits, such as berries, kiwi, and nectarines are a great way to get vitamins and other nutrients into your diet. The fiber and water content of the fruits helps balance the sugars present. Avoid whole raw apples and pears, as biting into them can break your braces.

Low-Sugar Dairy: Milk, yogurt, and even some cheese can all come in a variety of high-sugar options. However, buying plain or low-sugar versions of these treats give you all the benefits of calcium and protein that dairy brings, without the empty calories.

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