Dr. Chad Callahan provides a bite plate to correct overclosure of the teeth and jaws, and to help you achieve an ideal bite. Bite plates are removeable appliances, and they are most frequently recommended for growing patients.

Bite plates are small, acrylic appliances, similar in appearance to a retainer, with metal clasps that clip onto the inside of the top teeth. They are typically used at the beginning of orthodontic treatment, working to correct “deep” bites (when the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth too much) by preventing the back teeth from touching.

Bite plates are most effective when worn full-time, meaning that you will need to learn to eat with it in, only removing it to brush and floss, and to play sports. This may make speaking, chewing, and swallowing a little awkward or difficult for a few days until you adjust to the appliance. If removed from your mouth for even a short period of time, your teeth can shift enough that the bite plate no longer fits, extending your treatment time and, in some cases, requiring you to replace the appliance.

When caring for your bite plate, you should:

  • Brush your bite plate with cold water and a toothbrush after eating
  • Never use hot water, as this will distort your appliance
  • Avoid playing with or flipping your bite plate with your tongue

If you experience any problems with your bite plate, please contact our office so that our orthodontists can correct the issue and get your treatment back on track.

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