Dr. Chad Callahan utilize the iTero® digital scanner to capture and view highly detailed images of the inside of your mouth. This incredible device can capture up to 20 images per second, making it easy for us to obtain a complete view of your teeth and supporting structures. These images are then used to create appliances that fit and function better, and to improve your treatment. iTero technology can even simulate your treatment outcome so that you will know what the end result of your treatment should look like.

This device is used in motion. When we take a digital scan of your mouth, our orthodontists will pass a small wand over your teeth. This wand will capture and simultaneously process all images captured, backing them up every few seconds so that you will only need to sit through one scan. The iTero digital scanner makes your appointment more comfortable, removing the messy and goopy materials used in traditional impressions from the equation, and enhances the quality and effectiveness of your overall treatment plan.

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