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Some beverages can damage your teeth greatly, especially when you are wearing braces, where particles and sugar can cause tooth decay and cavities. Here are four of the worst culprits.

– Soda: Sodas are terribly bad for your teeth. They typically contain high amounts of sugar, which sugars are converted into acid in your mouth and begins to wear away tooth enamel. Even sugarless sodas are dangerous for teeth, as they are highly acidic.

– Sports Drinks: Before you buy sports drinks, know that it’s common for them to contain high amounts of sugar and acid. If you are heading out for a run or hitting the gym, it’s often better for your dental health (and overall physical health) to drink plain water.

– Energy Drinks: Energy drinks are some of the most acidic drinks you can buy. They might offer an energy boost, but the long term effects on your teeth probably aren’t worth it. Try to get a good night’s sleep and eat naturally healthy food for energy.

– Alcohol: Alcohol is a liquid that actually dries out your mouth by reducing saliva flow. Some dark forms of alcohol, like red wine, can stain your tooth enamel. Alcoholic drinks are often acidic. With these three damaging traits, we advise avoiding alcohol for tooth health.

Giving up some of your favorite drinks completely is not easy. If you make the decision to continue drinking them, try a lower quantity to lessen their detrimental effects. For example, instead of sipping on a soda throughout the day, drink it all at once. This will limit your mouth’s exposure to the liquid. After you finish, drink or rinse your mouth with plain water to keep it hydrated and clean.

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